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Bohemian China and Glass
Bohemian China and Glass

Our product ranges represent the very best selection of Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers available on the web. We have sourced our products directly from very best Czech Chandelier manufactures, each with the proud reputation of centuries of leading chandelier and crystal production. As a result you can be confident that all of our chandeliers are of the highest quality.

Each chandelier has been specifically chosen for its atheistic qualities and each chandelier can meet a variety of purposes. Whether you have short or tall ceilings, big or small spaces, or simply are looking for that special design focal point, you are sure to find the chandelier for you at Bohemian China & Glass.

Browse our Clients and Recent Clients pages to view a small selection of our chandeliers featured in our clients locations.


Crystal Chandeliers Armed:


 Crystal armed chandeliers are suitable for all areas.  It's important to make sure that you measure the ceiling heights and dimensions of rooms to determine the right size of the chandelier.  Armed chandeliers can be dropped lower over coffe/dinning tables. Knowing the colour scheme and decor will  help choosing the right chandelier.

The irresistible beauty of chandeliers is enhanced by use of glass and crystal trimmings that are produced in rich variety of shapes such as octagon heads, arrows,tubes, french pendeloques,beads,grapes and ovals. Wether your decor is traditional or contempary a chandelier will add beauty and become an impressive central focal point.(Please note no acrylic parts are used on our chandeliers


Our large crystal chandelier range is a stunning collection of designs which are suitable for a variety of placements. Designed for stairwells, lobbies, gallery landings, restaurants, hotels, grand halls, theatres, ballrooms, stately homes, clubs, bars, casinos and other large spaces which require an impressive central focal point.  All our large chandeliers can be custom made to suit customer requirements.

Basket Chandeliers:

 Basket formed chandeliers have been specifically designed to accommodate low to average ceiling heights. Basket designs consist mainly of complete crystal trimmings hence even the smallest designs can make an big impression. They arrive fully assembled and are very simple to install. Many of our basket designs are shown below in the gold finish, when the same chandeliers are produced in the nickel finish the whole appearance to the chandelier changes giving a more modern / contempary feel.

 Cast Chandeliers:

 Our cast range are designs from the Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian period.  Make an impression with these unique chandeliers which are suitable for residential and commercial properties. 

 Modern Chandeliers:

 Our modern chandeliers category consists of many different styles of chandeliers. Many are shown below in the gold finish, when the same chandelier is produced in the nickel finish the whole appearance to the chandelier changes giving  a more modern / contempary feel.

Coloured Chandeliers:

In our coloured chandeliers category, you will find an impressive range of designs. These will suit different placements that require either subtle, rich or flamboyant colours. Why not make your own personal statement by adding a touch of colour to enhance your decor in any area of your home etc. Coloured chandeliers create a warm and rich atmosphere and are an outstanding focal point.

 Marie Terezia Range:


Exclusive to chandeliers uk, our Maria Terezia range is an outstanding collection of chandeliers which first appeared in the 18th century.  Today these beautiful designs which are covered in glass  with inner steel frames and crystal trimmings (30%PbO)  are still very much in demand.  Our Maria terezia chandeliers are suitable for both residential and commercial properties.

Wall Sconces:


Here we have selection of wall sconces that can be produced in larger and smaller sizes to suit customer requirement. Our stunning range consists of beautiful shapes and styles that can be matched with traditional or comtempary decors.

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