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Bohemian Chandeliers

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

BLOG - Why Bohemian Crystal?

Dazzling Radiance: Our Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers are a testament to the mesmerizing play of light. With a lead content of at least 24%, each crystal radiates brilliance and clarity, creating an ambiance that enchants and captivates. When the chandelier comes to life, the result is a symphony of colours dancing across your space.

Unparalleled Durability: We understand that investing in a chandelier is more than a purchase; it's a statement of timeless elegance. Our Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers not only enchant the eye but also stand the test of time. The superior lead content makes them less susceptible to chipping and breaking, ensuring that your investment lasts for generations.

Rachel-24. Elegant traditional chandelier for high ceilings, grand rooms, galleried landings, and large hallways. Ornamented with 30% PbO bohemian crystals with rimmed clear glass arms & opaque glass candle sleeves. Unique curled arm detail and oval-shaped crystals add extra glamour to this outstanding design.

Rachel-24 Chandelier

Katherine-24. Outstanding 24% PbO bohemian crystal chandelier with rope twist glass arms, ornate glass bobeches, opaque glass tubes, and rimmed glass tubes. Suitable for hallways, galleried landings, and large rooms with high ceilings. Dressed with oval shape crystals and cascades of crystal chains. Crystals sparkle intensely when reflecting the light to produce colours of the spectrum.

Katherine-24 Chandelier


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